• I was completely got off guarded by another hosting supplier and had to arrange for hosting rapidly, to maintain 25domains and keep clients on-line. 33Host & its team responded immediately and had me up and running in no time. Should you ever require a domain hosting supplier, I highly recommend that you try Host33 first., as they offer a money back guarantee with exceptional service delivery plus a really helpful customer service.

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    Michael Page

    Simply IT Solutions
  • I am delighted with the service I have been receiving from 33Host and would surely recommend them to anyone looking for a service provider that actually knows what the word “Service” means.

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    Shannon Lee

    Business Woman – Luxury Products
  • Great pricing on their local reseller accounts. Also, probably the friendliest and most helpful team I've ever met in hosting. Within a matter of minutes my hosting package had been transferred and requests for all the domains had been sent for updating.

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    Sean Tan

    Owner - Logistics
  • Thanks a million for your very efficient service in transferring my account over to you and solving all the issues I had. Your knowledge and expertise is evident in dealing with all these matters so promptly. You have a client for life!

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    Shanmugam Dhanabalan

    Businessman - Computers&Hardware
  • I have been impressed by the quick and efficient service rendered by 33Host. I had registered a website and email client with another Hosting Provider, and had struggled receiving emails since. It tookjust 3 days for 33Host to completely transfer my .com domain to their server and enable me access to mail.

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    Vincent Louis

    Entrepreneur - Startups
  • Every web hosting site… well… hosts web sites. What’s really important is how that company communicates with its customers, particularly, when something goes wrong. When it comes to both customer service and technical support 33Host goes above and beyond! From initial inquiry to account and site setup to troubleshooting to quick, friendly and competent service 33Host has reallybeen wonderful! Many, many thanks!

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    Hui Jie

    Retail Shops Owner
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